Time input with "PM/AM" in some browsers/computers


I'm having some issues with a time input.

In some browsers/computers, the time input is be shown like the following, where the AM/PM is not visible.

In my situation, for example, in Firefox, the input has the PM:

I know this is due to configurations in the browser/computer but how can we overcome this? Because I have a 24h format in my time and it looks really weird being: 14:00 PM.

I already tried to this:


  color: transparent;} 

or even this:


    display: none !important;



    display: inline !important;


I noticed that in firefox, the PM is on a span.datetime-edit-field but I already tried to change this class but nothing works

Thank you in advance

Hi Carolina,

If the browser displays AM/PM, this means that the user of that browser has set a locale that indicates they want to use AM/PM instead of 24h format. Overriding this is not beneficial for the user! See here for more details.