How to connect to the ServiceCenter API (PlatformServices)

I try to contact the ServiceCenter API (PlatformServices) using ServiceStudio.(http://hostname/ServiceCenter/rest/PlatformServices//PlatformSettings)

All my actions result in a error 500. "Invalid username or password." when I test the connection from ServiceStudio.
I checked if the account credentials are correct (ActiveDirectory account).

Does someone knows what kind of credentials i need to enter? I tried:

* Plaintext
* SHA512 Encrypted (Crypto)
* AES Encrypted (Crypto)

I hope someone can help me with this..

Hi Peter,

Sorry for the late reply,

I have used this REST API before, but I couldn't remember if I was able to call it successfully.

So I did a quick test and you should have no problems connecting to it. All our environments also use Active Directory as an External Authentication Provider.

The credentials being passed here are the Active Directory credentials of my IT user (same user I use to connect to the environment in Service Studio or login with in Service Center).

Hope this helps.