EnterpriseManager: USER_MASTER.Name

For clarification, I have a question in regards to EnterpriseManager,

EnterpriseManager has the following attribute USER_MASTER.Name

The USER_MASTER.Name attribute has data type "text" and a length of 256,

What is stored here? Will it only contain the combination of both "USER_MASTER.FirstName and USER_MASTER.LastName" attributes? or in some case contain the value of USER_MASTER.Company aswell?

I Robert,


The value that you put in the field USER_MASTER.Name is the value that is shown in the applications to identify the Outsystems User (this is the value edited in Enterprise Manager). There is no rule stating that it must be directly related with the FirstName and LastName fields (that, of course, normally store the first and last name of the User). In fact, many times the FirstName and LastName fields are not even used.


To give you an example, I worked in a customer where there was a synchronization of the outsystems USER_MASTER table with the Domain Users in the Active Directory and the Resources in the HR System. The rules of the synchronization were the following:

  • The USER_MASTER.FirstName field had the value of the FirstName of the Domain User in the Active Directory;
  • The USER_MASTER.LastName field had the value of the LastName of the Domain User in the Active Directory;
  • If the Domain User had a corresponding Resource in the HR System, the USER_MASTER.Name had the Resource.Name value in the HR System (because the  HR System has the prefered name of the User). Otherwise, the USER_MASTER.Name field had the DisplayName property of the Domain User in the Active Directory.

I hope this info was helpful,


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Daniel Lourenço

Hi Daniel

That makes sense, ok so this USER_MASTER.Name field is more of a "name" identifier OR display name, so that the user or account can be Identified.

Thanks for the explanation.