How to show LiveChat widget from FreshDesk on mobile devices

Hello Outsystems community

I have a LiveChat widget from FreshDesk on my mobile app. It is working as expected when I'm testing the app on browser or emulating (second picture) as mobile devices. (attached)

The chat icon is showing where I want and it is working as expected. 

What happens is: when I try that in my mobile device the icon just do not show. I tried that with several devices, Androids and iOSs, tablets and iPads and it simply do not show.

Did anyone experienced this before with this widget?

Thanks in advance,

Miguel Matos

Would probably help to have more information:

  • How are you implementing the chat widget?
  • What version of the platform and Service Studio are you using?
  • How are you deploying the app to your mobile device(s)?

Note that MABS 6.0 includes a feature that allows you to inspect the network traffic in your app, which might help you troubleshoot this issue (note that the title refers to iOS, but the feature also works in Android):

It might also help if you could provide a small OML that reproduces the issue.

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