[Date Time Picker Range] The date is not picked.

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Published on 2019-09-09 by Paulo Cação
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Published on 2019-09-09 by Paulo Cação

Hello, i am using this date-picker in a screen template I am working on. It is for mobile and the problem i face is the following.

Even though the time can be selected and set correctly, the date is pre-selected to the initial value which is CurrDateTime(). No matter if I click on other dates it remains selected and the value produced is that date.

I do not use a text input but a button with an expression if this is of any concern.

What I am trying to do is:
1) Have a single date and time picker (just one value)

What I have done:
1) I have a variable that hold the selected time
2) When the screen is initialized i set it to CurrDateTime() and then use it in an expression inside the button (so every time the screen is loaded the button displays the current date and time which is also the value of the variable)
3) The event of the date-time picker calls a client action that sets the variable with the DateTimeStart parameter.

Everything works as expected except for selecting a date. Since I am working with screen templates I cannot build anything and see how the native would be, outsystems now on my mobile phone doesn't even show this module and on the preview at the desktop the problem is as described.

I would be grateful if you any suggestions on what could be possibly the problem or how to solve it.

Hi Anastasios,

If you wouldn't mind attaching your OML file, I can review it and get you pointed in the right direction!


Well here is the .oml file if it helps.