obtain data, update checkbox and radio button

Hi all

I am new to this platform, honestly new to programming.I have this problem from following oml file.

1.how to get the data for the related attribute.

Fashion entity.type=Factory entity.type   ,Then i like to get the Factory.Designer column in the form.

2.i like to update the check box and radio button .I have no clue where to add what item.

?i set the entity data for check box & radio as text on purpose.I like to try and test .

3. SQL query is also for purpose to practice, may be when we connect the external db , it needs.

If you are interesting to get help or to study with me  or guide me ,here is my oml.

Type input =Skirt

Model input=2019

Thank you in ahead

Hi Ann,

1. You can create a form, then go to Data and drag and drop to use the attributes you want.

2. The difference between check box and Radio button is that in radio button you only can select one option.

3. You can practice advance query with your data , there´s no need a external db to pratice.

I also advice you to study this course https://www.outsystems.com/learn/paths/2/becoming-a-traditional-web-developer/, it helps a lot.

Best Regards,