How to encrypt form input values from client side in outsystems web before submit?

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I don't want to show my form input values while submitting.

As of now, we can see the values in network  tab if we inspect the element.


From the above image,

If i click the send button, It should not show the entered value in  the headers or how can we encrypt that one.

Hi Aravind,

All of these values are sent over an https connection, which makes it secure. If you're not using an https connection, you're prone to sniffing anyways, so make sure you never use plain http.

Hi Aravind M,

In addition to HTTPS connection you can also use the forge component CryptoAPI to encrypt and decrypt your data. 

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Hi Aravind,

Better this should be handled by SSL as suggested by @Kilian. Encoding the inputs would need a Client side encryption(Javascript/Jquery)  and Server side decryption using the same algorithm . Only CryptoAPI would not work as its server level component

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