I use the standard DropdownSearch element to select an item from a long list. Luckily, with the AdvancedFormat variable I have already tackled some annoying behaviour.

When I toggle the DropdownSearch, it shows all results available which is perfect. But as soon as I start searching by using the text input, the number of shown results is always limited to a maximum of 4 records. This seems to be a default set by the used component ("choices" by jshjohnson).

Is there any trick to get rid of this limit and raise it - without cloning the outsystemsUI component and losing all future updates on the component?

Hi Erik ,

Are you talking about SearchResultsLimit in dropdown input parameter?

Take a look at this doc . 


Yes, that's exactly what I need, however this documentation is for DropdownSelect in Traditional Web and I am working with DropdownSearch on Reactive - which doesn't have a SearchResultsLimit input parameter, and it is not part of the FuseJS AdvancedFormat options...