Nested Accordion

I'm trying to nest an accordion within an accordion, potentially up to 3 (not ideal, but it's what I've been asked to do!)

Currently testing with 2 accordions, both are in Web Blocks, with the second Web block inheriting a variable form the first level accordion. Populates fine, however when I click to expand the second level accordion, it collapses the first. How do I get around this?


Hi Steve,

Check if this component solves your problem.



Steve are you able to fix above issue? I am facing same problem. component suggested by Marcelo doesn't have exact scenario. demo just have only one web block which is called from screen. 

Hi Chetan. No, I wasn't able to resolve it, unfortunately. However, it had the upside that it forced a rethink of the UI (for the better in my opinion!)

can you try changing "multiple items" property of the content/accordion to true?

Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 4.44.27 PM.png

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