Chart line color not changing

In OS11, in a reactive web module, the chart/linechart element has not been responding to changes in the "color" field. It takes a text element, so I have tried "Black", "Red", "#000000", to no avail. 

I have also tried editing the HighchartsJSON with {color: '#000000'} and other similar inputs, also with no success. 

I'm looking to change the color of the line, any help is appreciated!

Hi Jesse,

Yes, it looks like bug in reactive web apps. I also found this issue that when we change color property it only changes the color of datapoint (which we saw on hover) not the line, while in treditional web apps chart color property chnages color of the line also.


Not sure it is a bug... 

In any case, you need to configure the series. You can use the advanced data series format.

You give it the series name and the json of the configuration for your series, that probably will be something like

"color: #000fff"