Does OS support read-only session variables?

We are experiencing delays due to locks (LCK_M_U) on ASPStateTempSessions - could this be due to queued Ajax requests? Does the platform support read-only variables so we can avoid queuing when we know for certain that our ajax request will not be changing any session vars? 

P10 Web

Have you looked at Site Properties? While they are not read-only, they are considered values that should only be changed rarely, and most often are used to hold values that are specific to a given environment, for example API keys that might vary between DEV, TEST, and PROD.

A little more information about what you're actually using these variables for might also help in providing options for you.

The issue is that if a session is read-only it is non-blocking (doesn't get queued) so it speeds up the page load. It's more like using AJAX as if it were REST, but with read-only access to session variables like userid so it can be used to access the database. I routinely do this on other platforms as it improves page load speed.