Hi, again. My name is Ricardo I am new to outsystems and I am trying to create users programmatically and when I try to login it says that the user does not exist. Could you guys explain me this process better? 

Best regards,

Ricardo Vieira

Hi Ricardo,

Why don't you share the code you build to create the user, that way it would be easier to say what is wrong with it.

An OML  file or else one of two screen prints would help.

See also: https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Reference/OutSystems_APIs/Users_API



Hi Ricardo,

I had the same problem some days ago, but now it's working and i can login with any registered user.

You still continue with this problem?

Hi Pedro,

Thank you for answering me. Yes i still continue with this problem.

Regards Ricardo Vieira


It could be several things.

Is the password correctly encrypted (perhaps double or no encryption can be the case)

Is the user set to active?

Can you see if the user is actually in the users-table?

In short, please provide us with more information what you are doing, what do you encounter, what can you see in the (error)logging etc. etc.

Basically wat Daniel said :)