Web References Authentication


I want to add an web reference, but it requires a username/password to access it in the first place.
how do i solve that?
Now I just get an authetication error.

(sorry if this already posted, but I cannot use the search functionality)

Hi Joost,

Have you seen the Extension EnhancedWebReferences? It allows you to invoke Web References that require basic or integrated authentication.

Tiago Simões

I will check it out.

wil this expose actions like the normal "add webreference" ?

Hi Joost,

On design time, you can just access the webreference with a browser and save the wsdl to the disk, and then add the webreference from there.
If you want to call (in runtime) the webreference with username/password you can check the EnhancedWebReferences extension.

Kind regards

How can I debug what I am sending?

I have added authentication, but it still fails for me.
so I would like to see the raw soap.

is there anyway I can preview thet soap-envelop before actually sending it?

I noticed that there is no soap-header when I use "SetWebReferenceCredencials" from the extensivesoap extension

Hi Joost,

You can use a proxy tool (like tcpmon) to see what exactly is the xml being exchanged. You add a port on your server (e.g. 8081) that redirects requests to the address you should be calling your webservice. Then you use the SetWebReferenceUrl action in EnhancedWebReferences to call the service at localhost:8081 (the port you just added in the proxy/monitoring tool).

You should be able to view the details of the request.

Can you please tell us what is the error you're getting? Invalid authentication? Or some other error.

I get  an not logged in message,

When I debug I notice there is no soap-header added with the username/pwd.

if I use the soapheaders-method I can add it manually and then there is no problem.
I face the same problem ... check out my comment here

Is there something in the extension not working correctly ??