Cache in minutes tradition web screen Property

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Can you please elaborate more on the "Cache in Minutes" property of the Tradition web app screen. I want to use to improve the performance of landing pages which is totally static content.



Stuart Harris wrote:

Hi Jitendra

There are some good pages on caching in the documentation.

You also might want to try an online performance tester like this one

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I saw all these threads but I am looking if anyone had implemented in the project so can hear the experience.I mean any issues if we enable this property?


There are currently known issues with it due to multiple new automatic security features that have beed added to the Platform in the last 2 major versions. Most likelly any buttons in a cached page won't work correctly with the default (and recommended) security settings.

I currently do not recommend using it, as it will most likelly be removed in the near future. The page linked above ( already had all the mentions about Web Screens removed recently in accordance with that.

One on the main issues is that it's typical for pages to have personal information in it. For example the user name on the top header or menu. Caching full pages easily causes personal user information to be sent to other users.

For that reason you should stick with cache on Web Blocks, Queries and Actions, ensuring that any element you cache do not have any sensitive information.


Just checked the linked page and it's more explicit that removing the mentions. It now explicitly says "Some elements don't support caching." ... "Screens, as the feature currently does not support this element."


João Rosado