Validation inputs inside table records

I can valid an input outside a table record, but when i got input inside table record and if i send valid 'false' its not red and the validation messages is not show. Is there any way i can you validation inside table record?

Hi Hugo,

I was investigating and in fact it seems that it is not possible to manipulate validation messages in widgets inside Table Records.

The solution then is to do this manually - in the List that populates the TableRecords list add a structure that is the Validation structure (with a ValidationMessage and an IsValid fields). When you submit the TableRecords, iterate through it in the screen action and fill in the validation variables for each of the items. In case there are errors, you can post-back to the screen where you then have to render the validation information (depending on the validation information, set the style and the message on each input in the list).

There is something missing in my explanation - how do you maintain the TableRecords information from the a screen action to the next screen load? The answer is that in the preparation of the screen, in case you are in a Post Back, you have to put an assign node that sets the List that is populating the TableRecords to the TableRecords.List value (List = TableRecords.List). It seems awkward, but that is the solution - if you do not do this, the TableRecords.List is replaced with the previous List value again.

I hope this helps.

Best Regards,
Daniel Lourenço
Hereby confirmation this still doesn't work on platform 9.0.1. It makes sense, since Valid is a property of the input widget, and the input widget has no .Current or the like to indicate which row's widget you want to set invalid. So now I'm stuck having a Valid property for each field I want to be able to invalidate, and applying the Not_Valid style conditionally. Not nice!

This topic is indeed old, but now we have the possibility to do this sort of validation by the Event System Forge component: