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Published on 2019-03-20 by Pedro Coelho
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Published on 2019-03-20 by Pedro Coelho

Hi there,

I am building an reactive app, and the icons are only available for traditional web apps. I would like to use the material icon community icons, as they look better as the standard icons. When including i get this:

Just wanted to know if an upgrade to reactive is planned.

Thanks ahead,


Hi Wilko,

I did not try myself but I would think that icons for everyone mobile will work for reactive.




Daniel hi,

The thing is, if i am in a reactive app, and add the dependency, nothing happens. So here i am in my reactive app, adding the dependency:

I click apply, and see this in the widget list:

No reference to the ui component. In the dependency list _Mob has nothing. I tried several times, it just doesn't get included.

Any help is appriciated,


I have a look at it tomorrow

Hello wilko odijk

First, yes a web reactive version is planned, not sure when it will be release

Second, Daniël Kuhlmann, the version you posted it's a deprecated v11 version, without the usage of the service architecture, shouldn't be used anymore

Best regards,


Pedro hi,

Thanks for letting know a new version wil come. Later i switched to the version with _core (which had the same results).

I'll subscribe to the one with the core to know when it is available.