[Ciphered Local Storage Plugin] How to fix broken app after removing Ciphered Local Storage plugin?
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Forge component by Hector Gordin

We currently have a mobile app in production with the Ciphered Local Storage plugin as a dependency. Our client however, wants to get rid of the requirement of having a PIN set on Android devices. As this doesn't seem to be possible with this plugin, we are trying to remove the plugin altogether, but this leaves the application stuck at the loading screen. In a test application, we have managed to store data in the phone's preferences with help of the Shared User Preferences plugin from the Forge and we are also able to retrieve data from the server that way while the app is broken, but we are not able to update this in the local database as it is not accessible. Does anyone have an idea of how we can create a new database next to the ciphered database, so we can get the app to work? Other suggestions of how to fix this are also welcome!

Thanks in advance!



Maybe the reason if you remove the plugin, because the data is already ciphered, so it cannot be open if the plugin removed.

My suggestion is : go to the git page, clone it, then change the code that request the device must have PIN set. (I done this on secure device plugin, for the same reason like yours)

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