[DB Cleaner on Steroids] How do we implement Security on the DB Cleaner?
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Forge component by Miguel 'Kelter' Antunes

I know you have to initially log into Service center to access the application but what security is in place to prohibit any user who has access to Service Center from logging into the DB Cleaner and deleting records?

Hi Justin,

Right now it inherits the permissions from service center that's right. There are actions like dropping tables or entities attributes which requires the user to have full admin permissions over the environment.

But for logs, there's no control. One developer should be responsible for its actions.

Of course this can be changed, if we find that's a concern of multiple people.


Thanks Miguel,  yea the fact that we have no control over security makes us hesitant to install this in our Production environment.  We want the functionality the tool offers but don't want to risk a developer to go in and delete things.  Would you be able to tell us which tables the DB Cleaner purges if we wanted to write a script to run manually in Production for the Email cleanup?

Hi  Miguel,

Same as Justin I am looking as well to use this but to restrict it for Admin only for all actions.

Is there an option available in any version ?




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