Trying to recover from Service Center app/module deleted at Service Studio


I am trying to recover a version of module/app that has been deleted from Service Studio. I can`t see the many versions that had been created, at Service Studio, in orther to download it.

So, based on posts, 

1 - I create a Web module with dependencies on the system entities: Espace and Espace_version.

2 - Created  a sreen based on the following aggregate:

where the filters are: 

The result is a list of only 2 items, when I know that there are much more. Can you help me on this first question?

Once identified the version of the module I want to download how can I do it?

Thank you and best regards,


Hi Luis,

I wasn't able to do it with an aggregate, only with SQL. Could you please try it?

You need to have a screen with the following query in the preparation:

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SELECT      {Espace_Version}.*,{Espace}.*
FROM        {Espace_Version}
INNER JOIN  {Espace}    on  {Espace_Version}.[eSpace_Id]={Espace}.[Id]
WHERE       {Espace}.[Name]=@ModuleName 
ORDER BY    {Espace_Version}.[Uploaded_Date] DESC

The @ModuleName is the name of the module for which you want the versions.

Then, you insert a table records in the screen with the above query as the table source. 

On each row, you add a link "Download" that redirects to a new screen action. This screen action has an input "Binary" that contains the .oml file to be downloaded. This .oml file is the OML_File attribute from the Espace_Version table.

Finally, in the download action, you just need to have a download widget that downloads the binary passed as action input.

I attached an .oml file as a sample. You should define the ModuleName to pass into the query. Hope it helps.


Hi Bruno,

thank you for your answer.

I tried to publish the module and Service Studio presents the following message:

Any idea to solve this issue?

Thank you,

Luis Barqueira


You can't publish oml files from other personal environment (intellectual property) . You will need to replicate the original one in a new one from your environment. 

Hope this can help you. 

Best regards, 

Ricardo M Pereira


I replicated the original module, as Ricardo told me to do, and it works excelent. 

I have reached the modules that I want do download (which are deleted at Service Center). As you can see:

In other to recover, what shall I do now? Could you give some advices for non replicated space on memory...

Do I recover all the versions I have published?

Bruno, many thanks for your help.



If what you want is the latest versions, just download the latest versions. Be careful because if you want to get something developed in other version you will not have it. 

After the download, open the oml file in your service studio and publish it. 

Hope this can help you. 

Best regards,