Determine number of nodes through sql

Hi guys,

I am wondering if the number of nodes in a flow (preparations screen and server actions) can be obtained from one of the OSSYS tables? or via some query?

We are trying to keep a check on code complexity and this is one possible avenue.



Hi Andy,

I think you want to query the Espace_Object_Count entity, but you need to join the Espace_Version and the Espace entity as well. Hope this helps

Many thanks Rogelio, 

That looks like a great tip. The output gives me

Espace_version_id, Obj_kind, Obj_count

So, for example  the Obj_kind is: "Nodes_WebScreen"

but since this is only at an espace level I don't know which flow it corresponds to.

Select * from 

[OUTSYSTEMSDEV].DBO.[ossys_Espace_Version] ver,
[OUTSYSTEMSDEV].DBO.[OSSYS_Espace_Object_Count] cnt

where esp.[ID] = ver.Espace_Id
 and ver.[ID] = cnt.Espace_Version_Id
 and Obj_Count > 10

Any idea how to narrow down further? It would be great if we could get the Screen name/server action name?

thanks again,