Question in Best Practice in Library Module


 Right now I reviewing the best practice in using library module it was mention here that libraries can contain this elements

But in the Restriction part it was mentioned that you cannot act Blocks,Client actions,Images,Themes,Scripts, and Resources.

Can someone clarify this.

Also It was mentioned that it was mentioned that you can add the web services in a Library but in restrictions, Exposed integrations is not available in Library does that mean I can only consume REST API in a Library Module?

Hi Gerald,

Library modules are for mobile and reactive web apps so there are many features which can not be used in treditional web apps. Reason is that treditional web apps use different architecture as compared to mobile and reactive. That is why these depedencies can not be added.

I am not sure why it is not allowed to add depedencies of Images, Theme, Scripts and Resources from library module to treditional web app but for others like client action and blocks I can understand these can not be added (being rendered/ executed on client side).

For SOAP and REST integration yes you can only consume but can not expose from library module because this is not suitable for library module by design. Library modules are supposed to be part of foundation layer of 4 Layer canvas and we should expose API methods from core layers.