[IdP Mobile] Is IdpMobile compatilbe with InAppBrowserEvents version 1.0.5

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Published on 20 Mar (14 days ago) by Telmo Martins
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Published on 20 Mar (14 days ago) by Telmo Martins


The IdpMobile module has a dependency to the InAppBrowserEvents module (0.9.2).
For InAppBrowserEvents the latets version is 1.0.5.
Is IdpMobile compatible with InAppBrowserEvents 1.0.5?
If not, is any upgrade planned?



Good question. There are some breaking changes in the lastest InAppBrowserEvents (that will help with MABS compatibility) and before I install this component I would like confirmation that IdP Mobile works with the new version (before I break a lot of things and need to roll back etc etc). 

Is it compatible or is an update planned?


Using the latest version of InAppBrowserEvent alongside with MABS 6.1, the Login works fine. The Logout with the InAppBrowser seems that have issues. Need to check it better.



The Logout issue I mentioned is fixed and a new version is available in forge.


Thank you for your quick action :).

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