How do you get the app feedback (ECT_provider) to broadcast the feedback to Slack

I want to broadcast the App feedback details  (as is on Outsystems' ECT_provider : message, screenshot, date created etc.) to an existing Slack channel. How would I go about this? I am still very new to Outsystems.


Hi Boipelo,

This is a cool idea.

Sending a message to Slack is done via an API call, check the documentation here.

There are plenty of examples of ECT connectors to other systems on the forge. Any of these 6 can get you started:

You can look at one of them and create your own. This would be a very nice contribution to the forge.

Do you ant to give it a shot?


Hi and welcome to the Community!

You are in luck because Forge already has the pieces you need to start :)

First you'll need the App Feedback Connector:

And you can check how to use it to integrate to other tools with this component, in this one we connect feedback from App Feedback to JIRA - the project management tool:

Then you'll need the Slack Connector:

After you have this two pieces, you'll have to:

  • Get the messages from App Feedback using the App Feedback Connector (probably a timer to get and store them)
  • Process the messages that were stored and send them to Slack using the method that writes in a channel

A few resources that might help you:

Slack's API documentation:

If you foresee a lot of feedback coming this development pattern is mandatory: