New broken or missing references found for DELETED producer module

Hi there,

I was playing around with the icons modules from the forge. As those modules are not reactive ready, i removed those icon espaces from the environment. In a module I have, somehow the reference stays all though the espace references are refreshed and any not existing reference is removed etc.

The message is that i get everytime I publish:

Publish aborted
New broken or missing references found for producer module 'IconsForEveryone_MaterialIcon_Mob'. Please review them and republish.

If i refresh i get this:

In service center the icons module does not exist anymore, as it is deleted.

From my module the dependencies are (no icons module): 

Somehow a link stayed somewhere, maybe in some system table, which causes the publish to think there is a missing link.

How could this be resolved?

Help is welcome,


Hi Wilko,

First, I would report this to OutSystems Support.

Secondly, did you try to use the "Remove Unused Reference" menu option?

Kilian hi,

The second recommendation i did yes, various times. I'll try one thing more, open an old version before the dependency to the icon module, merge it and see it that solves it. If not, i'll take recommendation 1.