Changing a web service default namespace

Changing a web service default namespace

Hi everyone!

I would like to know how to change the namespace of a web service. I have to integrate with other services (non out-systems) and because of their endpoints we need to have a namespace rather than the one generated (
Hi Rui

Unfortunately, configuring the web service namespace, of web services creating with the Agile Platform is currently not supported. So all web services created by the Agile Platform, will have the same namespace, which is "".

The requirement to allow configure the namespace of web services within the Agile Platform has been already reported to our R&D team, and hopefully it will be included in a future release of the Agile Platform.

Meanwhile, if this requirement is imperative for a project development, there is a more "hands-on" approach. It's not very agile, but you can build your own web service in an extension, with the namespace you need, and then map the web service methods to internal platform web services methods, much like a proxy/wrapper. This way, the web methods logic can be implemented in the Service Studio, an the public web service interface is done in the Integration Studio.

Hope this information is helpful.


Miguel João