I have some questions you might know how to solve regarding design issues:

1) How to limit the size of an title in a TimeLime widget:

I would like to have a Title like "Testes Categorias ....".

2) For the same TimeLine Widget, How can I increase the Icon. As you can see i barely see the circle with a money flag inside the circle.

3) Is it possible to have three different colors for the circle depending on some variable, without changing the color of the vertical gray line?

Last question, but about combobox. As I open the combo box I have a list of categories that I choose from, namelly: ATM, Education, Entertainment, .....

The problem is that the size of the characters are too big.

4) How can I reduce the size of the words that are presented as I open a combobox?

Thank you very much for all your help,



Hi, friend.

1) You can do this through CSS 'text-overflow' or, inside the expression on the screen, applying the built-in FormatText to limit the number of characters and change how it will look. I think that use the built-in [ Substr() + "..." ] to limit the number of character will work too, but won't be responsive. 

2) The Icon widget has a parameter size in its properties session. You can set 2x ou 3x font-size as you wish. Or you can put the widget inside a container and set the size in its style properties. In that case, the widget will have a font behavior.

3) Yes, it is. Create a new class inside the CSS like "BackgroundColor". Put the color name inside you variable, with type text. Then, put the widget circle inside a container and set the style class "BackgrondColor" to it. After that, in the extended properties, set style = "color: " + YourColorNameVariable + "!important;". That will wok.

4) In the combo box style session, change the font size.

Best Regards.


Hi Lenon,

Thank very much for your inputs. They were great!



It's a pleasure to help!