[Ultimate PDF] Cookie Consent issue

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Published on 23 May by Leonardo Fernandes
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Published on 23 May by Leonardo Fernandes


The application that I am currently working on has OneTrust cookies associated with it. The problem is that everytime I try to convert a screen into a PDF, the OneTrust Cookie Consent message gets overlayed above the page.

The HtmlToPdfConverter component has an "OtherArgs" input parameter, where you can pass the OptanonAlertBoxClosed cookie and which solves this issue.

Is there also a way to solve the same issue with the Ultimate PDF component?


Hi Pedro Gonçalves. Could you share the URL of the screen you want to print? Is it a javascript alert box?

Hi Leonardo!

We already found a workaround that solved our problem by simply adding this code on the PDF print screen.

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Optanon = undefined;

But thanks anyway!