Displaying an Image from Another Database

Hi OutSystems Gurus!

I have a question regarding the image widget. I am using OS11 to create a new web app. Basically, I want to retrieve binary data from a separate application (A) to this new one (B) so that I can display a logo.

I have application A which contains a table that stores the binary data for logos. Within this application, I have created a new service module to get the binary data.

I have consumed this service action in my new application (B). However, there is no way for me to reference the data to show the image. I can't use type static, database or external.

Any ideas?



Hi Asha

You need to use type external and on URL use a text variable with this inside:

"data:image/gif;base64," +  BinaryToBase64(<insert binary here>)

BinaryToBase64 is on BinaryDataModule.