Accordion - Cannot read property 'getAttribute' of null


I´m currently working on an Mobile App.

In this I want to use a List with Accordion Items on it.

It gets displayed in the way I want but I get an Error "Cannot read property 'getAttribute' of null".

I tried it out with and without data but in either ways the error occures.

Why does the error occures and how can I fix it?

Thanks for your help!

 Hello Moritz,

Can you send a oml with that issue?


Thanks for your response.

I can´t because there is sensitive data in it.

But the error also occures if you drag and drop an Acordion Item in an empty screen.


Okay I figured out the problem.

It seems that the error occures if youre using an Accordion Item without the Accordion Widget.

But nevertheless, thank you! 


Thanks for the post. He ended up helping me with Web React.

It was working and had stopped working. And with his question and answer he solved it.

Hi everybody,

I don't know if this helps but I did some testing and this is what I found;

This problem does not occur on Version 11.7.0 (Build 4761)

The only place I see it is on the server that we migrated to Version 11.7.3 (Build 7036)

Same code in both places

I hope that helps.