[Google reCAPTCHA Web] V3 not fully implemented

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Published on 2019-09-05 by Renato Nascimento
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Published on 2019-09-05 by Renato Nascimento


V3 is not fully implemented.

You have the V3 WebBlock, but you missed the Score and Action on Verify response.

The response for V3:

  "success": true|false,      // whether this request was a valid reCAPTCHA token for your site
  "score": number             // the score for this request (0.0 - 1.0)
  "action": string            // the action name for this request (important to verify)
  "challenge_ts": timestamp,  // timestamp of the challenge load (ISO format yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ssZZ)
  "hostname": string,         // the hostname of the site where the reCAPTCHA was solved
  "error-codes": [...]        // optional

Your Validate / GetSiteverify action only return "Success" and "Errorcodes":

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Hey, Alberto!

Thanks for reaching out. We will consider your comments for the next version. We are setting up a version for reactive, and we can add those values as output too.

Tudo de bom!