OutSystems 10 to 11. In place upgrade or migrate?

We're currently planning on which is the best solution in order for our applications to run at the latest version of OutSystems. Is it great to proceed with the inplace upgrade or migrate to the up and running OutSystems 11 version (seperate app and db server?

Plan 1 - Upgrade Plan:

1. Existing OutSystems 10 Platform is running in 2012 Win OS Version on which is not compatible with OutSystems 11. Is it okay or safe to proceed with the OS upgrade?

2. If yes, we will proceed with OS upgrade to 2016 and version upgrade from 10 to 11. Is there any other things we need to look forward before initiate the version upgrade

Plan 2 - Migration Plan:

1. What are the things we need to consider or do you have recommended procedure on doing it? Currently, we have done setting up the OutSystems 11 Platform with version 11.7.2 Buid 5739 on a seperate server.

2. if we will proceed with the migration from OutSystems 10 to 11 PRD to PRD and DEV to DEV, How could we successfully migrate the live data? As of this writing, we were able to migrate the .oap using IPP.

Thank you.

Hi Jayson,

I'd rather go with option #2. And the reasons for that being:

  • You can prepare the infrastructure before-hand: set the DB and App servers;
  • Rollback would be easier: With option #1 you'd have to revert the infrastructure (e.g. VM snapshots/fresh install) and restore the database backups. With option #2, you just have to shutdown OS11 infrastructure and startup OS10 infrastructure.

In a nutshell option #2 is simpler to execute and involves less risk. The only tricky part is that you have to migrate the database from OS10 infrastructure to OS11 infrastructure. However Outsystems has a detailed guide you can find here:

If you have downtime requirements, meaning during the upgrade you apps should be live, you have to go with option #1. With option #2 while migrating the database you must take you DB offline, since in case of rollback you'd loose data. With option #1, and assuming you have multiple front-ends and the database server supports OS11, it is possible to do an upgrade without downtime.


Thank you so much and will consider also your kind inputs.