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Forge component by Alexandre Santos

Hello guys.

This is really looking good. I would just suggest you add a sample both for mobile and reactive web about how to use this pattern in a real-life case scenario, in order to create awareness on the good usage of the IsDataFetch property to have better-looking lists on our apps.


Hi Gonçalo!

Thank you for your feedback!

Just updated the component and created a new component for the mobile version with "real life" samples:



What do you think? Are these the examples you were thinking?


Hi @Alexandre Santos ,

 I am trying to use the content loading, but cant figure it out how to use it.

Tried to look into the links you posted here but even tho I cant use it.

Do you have an OML file with an example?

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards

Pedro Boffa

Hi @Pedro Boffa , did you check the demo example in here?

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