[JSON tool kit] do you plan to set component as stable/remove under development?

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Published on 23 Mar by Prasad Rao
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Published on 23 Mar by Prasad Rao

Hello Emidio,

Thank you for this effort!

I was searching for some tools to edit JSON in cases when I don't have static types and they are almost none. Then I found yours, but see that is marked as "Under Development" tagged and I want to ask you if is just by mistake or you are having some problems.

I download it now and see that packages.json file with the reference to Newtonsoft.Json, v 11.0.2 is missing. Are you using any high version features of Newtonsoft.Json? As it becomes with p11?

A binding redirect can solve the version problem?

Thank you!


After send you this message I that this version doesn't work because Newtonsoft.Json was not being deployed with nuget.
I get it working on my environment make some changes to the way ref to Newtonsoft is made.

I have some little scenarios that cause null ref exceptions and can be fixed.

If you dont' mind please add to your component team and I can up an initial working version and discuss some minor changes to not raise exceptions.

Thank you again.

Hi Márcio,

Thank you for the input.

It was working in my environment. Perhaps something went wrong, when published to the forges. I'll check it and put it in like 'tested' and working :).

Hello Emidio,

Thank you for your response.

Since yesterday I was playing with it and have seeing some exceptions.

Methods for select and removing props are given me null ref exceptions as the implementation was not validating that path or prop doesn't exists.

Add a property with the name that already exists also give me exception;

To make the use more clear we can think of create different actions like ReplaceProp, Merge, etc..

I was having another issue replacing a prop with another serialized object, but it is double escaped ending with OutSystems exception;

The replaced prop also is not indented, even passing Formatting options;

When trying to use SelectToken with a path that doesn't exists trying to return null on extension doesn't end with "", empty string on OS but "-undefined-", I needed to return string.empty insted to end with plain "" in OS.