I have been experiencing this kind of error after clicking validate in creating a deployment plan. How can I find the error details or resolve this kind of scenario?

Hi Keanu,

Assuming you are running Platform version 11, you should log in to Service Center on your dedicated LifeTime server (https://lifetimeserverhostname/servicecenter) and see what error gets logged (Monitoring > Errors).



Hi Keanu,

Another observation your  Testing version of the application seems to have more recent changes that will be overwritten if you deploy the Development version.




I am having a similar issue and I think this may be related to an issue I saw in Lifetime's recent release notes from the March 12th release:


Fixed a bug that occurred when validating a plan. The problematic scenario involved a new Structure attribute whose type is an entity identifier from another module. This happened when there were consumer applications for the Structure which weren't included in the plan. (RSBO-1271)

This error began appearing after modifying structure shared between several applications with a new Id field.



Thanks Alex Popp,

I updated all consumers of the modules, added everything to the plan and it was resolved.