Does anyone know if there is provision for the availability of the editable table solution for applications of the type Reactive Web App?

Hi Wanderson,

Unfortunately, there's no Editable Table for Reactive Web, as far as I'm aware.

Hi Wanderson,

Editable tables are not available in OutSystems Reactive Web applications.

What you can do yourself is:

  1. Use a list widget
  2. Create a block and use it as list item  in the list widget with the record as input parameter
  3. The block can handle the validation and create/update of 1 record
  4. If you add an event to the block you can inform the parent about an update to do a refresh of data.



Hi Wanderson,

Another alternative (besides the one shared by Daniël) may be to use input widgets inside a table, and the whole table inside a form. If you need custom validations you may need to be a bit more creative (e.g. feedback messages with those errors, or expressions that show them), as Valid and ValidationMessage are not yet available when widgets are inside iterators.

Tiago Simões