Hi all,

I am working on an application which has several dependent applications each with number of modules,

to check my applications architecture i am using a tool named Discovery.

I have been referring to cyclic dependency for my application, So in discovery i am not shown with any of the cyclic dependencies, but when i refer to application dependencies, i get multiple cyclic dependencides, can anyone help me how to remove these.



Hi DM,

Have you gone into the e-spaces/modules to prove that this are actually cyclic dependencies?

If you have, the next step is to identify how to best restructure these to stop them being cyclic while adhering to the 4-layer canvass. 


What version of the Platform are you using?

Hi Dhiraj,

Even though the dependencies between modules are ok, you can have cyclic dependencies between applications. This might be a sign that you have strongly coupled applications since they are consuming each others (usually) cores.

There's a good doc on this: https://success.outsystems.com/Support/Enterprise_Customers/Maintenance_and_Operations/Designing_the_architecture_of_your_OutSystems_applications/Application_composition/01_Applying_the_4_Layer_Canvas_to_applications

Hi Dhiraj,

You can certainly check by installing the new versions of discovery , however you can also go through this link to understand how to design your application to avoid such issues and also to remove them if they exists.



Hi Dhiraj,

If you are working with Platform version 11 then please check the below link,

you will find the problem area and solution for the same at one place by using the architecture dashboard.


Hope it helps.


Manish Jawla