How do you Make a Horizontal List?

I'm developing a Reactive-Web App on Service Studio 11.6.3 and I currently have a List Records Widget which I have already set the properties:

  1.  Mode := 'Custom'
  2. Tag := 'span'

But when adding child-widgets (I added a Container Widget containing a List Item widget) it still renders vertically instead of horizontally.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi Olivier,

The Container Widget that you are adding which contain the list item, The width of that container decides if the items can be horizontally rendered.

That is, if the container width is more than 50% or 6 columns, they render vertically. If the width is less than 50% say 2 col, 3 col or 4 col, they render as below:

2 col: 6 items per row

3 col: 4 items per row

4 col: 3 items per row

6 col: 2 items per row

This is because the page width is designed as 12 cols.

Hope this helps,



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