How to sort records fetched from rest api and bind to table records widget ?

I am binding data "filteredcategorylist' to table records widget and implemented search. Now I want to add sort to the response recieved from API.

I have added image of RefreshTable action and this is working fine with search. How can I add logic for list sort to the filteredcategorylist.

Richwidget_Sortcolumn is binded as:



You can use the The ListSort:

You can define the list that you want to sort, The attribute and if it'as ascending or descending.

Is this what you need?

Hope this can help!

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Ricardo M Pereira

Ricardo Pereira

I have used List sort and added sorting on CategoryName and it is working fine. 

If I click on CreatedDate and sort should work for it as well. How can I accomplish that?

How Can I made it to work for other columns?

Hi Shikha,

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Could you please take column name as an Input parameter in RefreshCategoryTable and put that in List sort's "By" attribute



ok. But How can I find the sort column name to pass as input parameter?  Do I need to get clicked sort column using javascript? or there is any event in which I can get the value of sort column clicked ?

Hi Shikha,

Please take a look in this answer:

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HI Krushana Mantri,

I did the way you told me.

I debugged the code and I am getting correct attribute in SortBy Input parameter in RefreshCategoryTable on sortcolumn click.

But ListSort server sction  is not picking the List Sort 'By' attribute correctly . Am I doing wrong somewhere?

Sorting is working fine now by passing input parameters. The only thing is to specify parameters in List Sort By like

If(AttributeName = "FirstTextAttribute",
    If(AttributeName = "SecondTextAttribute",

Hi Sikha,

you can check the below forge component as well for multiple attributes used for sorting.


Manish Jawla