I am trying to export an aggregate list to excel. I want to maintain my own specific sequence of columns in the downloaded excel. How can I achieve it?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Neha,

I will try to explain it with an example. Suppose that I want to export the information about all the Users.

On the aggregate the information comes as following:

Age    Name     Surname

But I want to export to excel with the columns:

Name  Surname   Age

To achieve that, I do the following steps:

  1. Create an Export link on my web screen.
  2. Create a screen action for the destination of the Export link.
  3. On the screen action, drag the aggregate GetUsers.
  4. Create a structure named UsersToExcel.
  5. Create the following attributes in this order: Name (Text), Surname (Text), Age (Integer).
  6. Create a local variable of type UsersToExcel List.
  7. Do a ListAppendAll from GetUsers to UsersToExcel List and map the attributes from the aggregate to the structure list.
  8. Drag the widget RecordListToExcel with the UsersToExcel list as the RecordList.
  9. Drag the Download widget after the RecordListToExcel and assign the file content to the output of the RecordListToExcel and FileName to "Users.xlsx"

Hope it helps

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please check this document, you will find all information: How to Export Entity Data to Excel



You can select the attributes you want in your excel to be downloaded. See the screenshot below.

Hope that helps.

In this forge component Advanced Excel you will find some different features, about export to excel.