[Ultimate PDF] Header/footer mislocation and cropped word lines

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Published on 23 May by Leonardo Fernandes
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Published on 23 May by Leonardo Fernandes


I am having some issues generating a pdf from a html page. I cannot figure out what html/css is blowing the page limits calculation, but the pdf is generated with the header in the middle of the page (first page is ok) and some paragrafs are cropped into to the next page (see attachments).

The page break and avoid page break isn´t working either.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Vitor. Could you share an example of a report so we can troubleshoot?

The page breaks and avoid page breaks are now working. The parent container must not have a width defined with column number, must be fill.

The only thing I cannot get it to work now is the repeating header/footer. The footer and header is only correctly placed in the first page. In the following pages the footer is printed somewhere in the middle of the page. Must be related with the html/css, but I havent figured out why yet.

Vitor, I can only help you if you share an example report showing your problem.

Here is a PDF and the html that was used to generate it.


Vitor, could you share the module that generates the report?

Or, alternatively, a module that produces a similar report that shows the same problem. The data on the report doesn't need to be the same, so you could replace any dynamic data with some static hardcoded value.