[Firebase Mobile] Device recive silent notification

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Published on 26 May by Patrícia Glória Ferreira
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Published on 26 May by Patrícia Glória Ferreira
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How do I receive a Silent notification via fire base on a mobile App and trigger a trigger to do something with it.

Attached is the example of how I want to build the mobile App.

On the server I'm using FirebaseMiddlware's SendSilentNotificationToUser action.


Hi Fabio,

Did you take a look at the Firebase Mobile Sample

It has an example of sending and receiving notifications (silent or normal).

Best regards,



Hi David,

I saw the sample but only normal notifications are used there, what I want to do is send a notification / message to the Device to perform a event in a app, but that I don't see a notification in the device's notification bar.

My problem is recive the silence notification in the app or device, the normal notification I recive.

Best regards.


The handling of a notification is the same, either a push notification or a silent notification.

The application needs to be running (on foreground or background) for the silent notification to arrive and trigger the web block's event.


Thanks David,

My problem was the block FierbaseCloudMessaging in block layout instead of the screen.