I am developing an app and website that is using MABS but it is now obsolete. I am looking for another forge component that I can use to replace this. It needs to be associated with outsystems. Can you give me an advice? 

Hi Marc,

I don't understand what you mean: MABS is the OutSystems mobile apps build service, and is not obsolete, nor is it a Forge component.

Sorry. I'm pointing about the MABS 6.1. what else can we use as a replacement for this cause the MABS 6.1 is not stable and it's causing problem if we upgrade it to 6.1. our current MABS version will be obsolete soon. Pertaining Onesignal. 

Hi Marc,

What do you mean "not stable"? Are there any known issues? Also note that older MABS versions are still available.

Hi Marc,

- MABS is kinda a layer interface between Outsystems and Native Platforms,  so what we called is Mobile App Build Service by which it is possible for Outsystems to build i.e generate builds i.e  .apk for Android and .ipa for iOS

- Now based on continuos update of Apple Appstore & Google Playstore protocols, standards & best practices, It is important for Outsystems to keep the MABS updated accordingly.

- This help you when you go live or upload build on store's & any developer came across know the pain when it's a headache Appstore reject your app because it doesn't meet guidelines.

- Outsystems keep MABS updating,  They deprecate first & then after 4 month or specified time they obsolete MABS version.

- Recently they published MABS 6.2.

- Now you might came across scenarios where your app either not generating build or some issues when you upgrade the MABS, So my dear friend the correct way before upgrading the MABS is :

  1- list all plugins you are using in mobile

  2- Make sure every plugin is compatible with MABS version you want to upgrade.

- Hence Always try to be on latest version on MABS.

- Try to read MABS 6.0 release notes n for 6.2 as well to understand the compatibility & moto better.


You will also see guidelines by OS to update OS forge components.

Hope it helps,


Have you tried using firebase with MABS 6.1 or using onesignal? any other advices?

Yep I am using FirebaseMobie Forge Component [1.0.7] with MABS 6.2

You can check the version Notes where it mention to use the min version compatible with MABS respective versions.


sorry but we are currently using outsystems 10 for the moment. On the outsystems 10 only the 6.1 is available.

Firbase Plugin 1.0.7 is compatible with all the MABS6.0 & its minor version.

Is this for Firebase Push Notif?

yes, it's a push notification plugin,
Btw what exactly you need.

I would say you can go for the update of MABS & start a new thread for each respective issue you come across.

It's better we close this thread & we can have a conversation on Message.

Assif :)