Deploying a mobile app to production without updating the current app

We want to deploy an app to the Production environment but we would like to use the beta program of the Play Store and the App Store. 

You need this to be done in a way that it doesn't cause the app to be automatically updated for the users who already have it installed. Instead, we want the users to go to the stores directly to update them.

Is this possible?

Hi Mihai,

The beta program is kinda an early access to the specified users or testers.

Now coming to the question , you want the build not to be updated automatically and you want the user having the app i.e installed should update via Appstore or Playstore instead.

There's a slight cache here in the world of Outsystems and other CrossPlatform or Native builds.

Outsystems app gets update automatically every time you open the application i.e everytime the app make a call to server in order to get the latest version if project/module published.

This way any changes you make on module n then you will se it reflect on mobile app installed 

Only in some case it becomes mandatory for a user to either update app or reinstall new build, like :

- Any Plugin added/removed  in app

- Entity added/removed/updated structure 

You can check detail here :

Perhaps you can force mobile app to firce user to download a build whenever you want:

- Generate build with a new+ version  on server 

- Use the GetAppVersion plugin in app

- Evertime the app open, fetch the app version installed.

- Create server action for mobile, which will return the latest build version based on platform i.e Android/iOS

- Compare Version & then prompt user that build is outdated to navigate him with a button to playstore.

I used the above same approach but in my case I only want to alert user when ut us mandatory otherwise the Outsystems is capable to update for rest automatically.

Hope it helps,


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