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Making this master post to gather all knowledge the community has around COVID-19 that can help who wants to help.

Useful links:

Data Public APIs that can support Health related Applications

Post your thoughts and useful information, let's make this list as reliable as possible. Links that are not associated with worldwide or national official entities for health should be double-checked for veracity and reliability of information.

This post will be updated frequently with your suggestions.

I would suggest country specific government official sites.

UK National Health Service -

Welsh -



I found this API:

It allows passing of specific country code to obtain necessary information. Example of a dashboard showing latest Covid-19 data in Malaysia below

Hi guys,

I found this SNS 24 (Portuguese healthcare services number for assistance with Coronavirus cases)  API that gives us the number of phone calls per day:


In this website we found many API's related with Covid19:




The Portuguese government has just launched a new web site with all the information and resources to help people during the pandemic.


Congratulations on the work and help the world. (",)


I found this one from World Health Organization that seems to be very useful and full of information:

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I fond this one too that have a lots of info:

By the way, the link that is in your main post ( Corona Virus Tech Handbook data ) is blocked.

Hope this can help.

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