Read files from Shared locations to automate upload

Hi All,

My web app is hosted on AWS and has a screen that allows users to upload excel files. As of now, i am managing the upload using timers as the file size is huge (20+MB).

I am looking to automate the upload such that users can drop the files in a shared location (possibly OneDrive?) and the timer can pick the file from this location and upload it.

Can you please suggest how can the timer read the file form the location? Also, what permissions need to be configured to access the file.

Appreciate any suggestions.


Hi Anuj,

The way you have implemented it using timer is the correct way , however in order to automate the process there are multiple options.

1. Provide an screen to the user from which the user can only upload the file , save that file in the database and than let your timer pick that file from the database.

2.You can have your user dropped the file in OneDrive and use this OneDriveConnector forge control which uses rest api to access your files , When you explore this component you will see what all access are required to call the rest api and to access the files.

One thing while dealing with the timer you need to make sure you are handling the timeout properly considering the default time out of 20 minutes.



Thanks, Pramod!

Apart from OneDrive, can the timer also access a shared path? Is such a configuration possible? I am just trying to assess all the options here.

Hi Anuj,

Timer is nothing different from the Outsystems code and hence its all about your logic and access permission on the shared location which makes timer to access the file and perform operations on it.

There is no such configuration available rather you have to write your own code by creating\using existing component on forge to achieve the desired result.

There are so many existing connector\component available in the forge which you can use within your timer logic.