Upload file to a specific folder in server/localhost


I'm trying to do upload of a file to a specific folder, i'm using the FileSystem extension, but at the moment of the upload action i don't know which method of this extension i should use.  And the ones i tried gives me an Access denied to the path i have specified.

Is this a windows permissions issue  ? if it is is there anyway to specify my credencials ?

Or is there other solution ?

Thanks in advance.
Hi António,

You can take a look into this post How to: Setting up Application's access to file systems.

Tiago Simões
Hi Tiago,

Thanks for your tip, but still, i'm with the same problem. According to the post, to acess local folders i give the IIS_IUSRS group permission to my folder C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Newsletter\images. Is there any step missing?


António Rodrigues.
Hi António

Which Operating System have you installed the Agile Platform on?

Are you granting full control to the the group on that folder?

If all permissions settings seem ok, I suggest you troubleshoot the Access Denied with the information from the forum topic How to: Identify which file is getting locked or is not accessible



Miguel João
I´m trying to save the file on the network. Is it possible?


Because when I try it, I get the error:  "The path is not of a legal form."

Thank you
Did u try "\\rd01.signintra.com\test\" + FileName ?

I did install the extension NetworkFileSystem.xif and used the File_ReadBinary passing the network path + credentials for the folder.
Works perfectly.
Thank you