DMZ and Deployment Zones


In the outsystems enviroment of our company, we have 3 front-end production servers, with 2 deployment zones:

Global: all servers

Intranet: server 1 and 2.

Server 1 and 2 are on LAN and Server 3 is on DMZ.

We have an application deployed to the Global Zone, being acessed through server 3 (DMZ). This application consumes a Server Action from a Intranet Zone eSpace, which consumes a webservice from another LAN application that's not Outsystems.

We are getting 'Unable to connect to the remover server' between Server 3 and this LAN application that's not Outsystems. Since the Server Action that consumes this webservice is on a different zone, just with LAN servers, the communication should be Server 3 -> Server 1/2 -> Webservice, or am i wrong?

I've found some documentations on Outsystems saying that communication between eSpaces from different zones are made through 'Deployment Zone Adress' parameter, but in our Service Center when we create/edit a zone, it just shows name and description parameters.

We use Outsystems 10.

Any ideas on how to solve this without having to enable communication between Server 3 and the Server of this other app?



We had a similar setup and experience the same problem on a customer application few years back. If I recall we fixed it by triggering a BPT Light process in the intranet zone, doing the API call to the external service, and handle the response in a similar way back to the DMZ. 

By all means, I also would like to know if there is a better and more cleaner way of doing this.




Hi Rafael,

AFAIK (and please correct me if I’m wrong) considering the setup you describe, the communication is only happening from server 3 (DMZ) to the other LAN application exposing the webservice. So if there is a firewall between the DMZ and this other LAN (which I assume there is), I’d look into the firewall rules.

Even though the module in the DMZ has a module from the Intranet Zone as a dependency, this Intranet module will be published as a library together with the module in the DMZ. The chapter ‘Understanding how the platform deploys eSpaces’ in this article explains this part with examples. Therefore the communication is only happening from the DMZ server to the other LAN exposing the webservice.

Furthermore, regarding the Deployment Zone Address, this is only available in OutSystems 11, so since you are on OutSystems 10 you should ignore this part.



Thx a lot, great article btw

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