Input Parameters on a screen

On a screen, what is the use of an input parameter? I am building a screen with a form that will allow an employee to enter their name, surname, address, job title, etc. and save these details on a database. I have been looking at Outsystems videos they did not help much, can someone with some experience please help. Thank you in advance.


Pass data between screens with Input Parameters:

Some screens receive information that defines the data shown on that screen. For instance, a screen showing the profile of a user requires information about which user to display. In OutSystems, we use Input Parameters to pass information between screens.

To pass information to a screen do the following:

  1. Right-click the screen on the Elements Tree and choose 'Add Input Parameter'.
  2. Define the name and data type of the new input parameter.
  3. Use the input parameter to define or filter the information shown on the screen.
  4. When navigating to this screen set the value of the input parameter.



In order to store data in the database you will:

  • First need to create Entities to store said data (check lessons Database Entities and Modeling Data Relationships). OutSystems will generate tables on the database based on the entity definition, so you will be able to store data records there;
  • Define a variable with a data type of the Entity you want to store in the database (check lesson Variables in OutSystems). Do it for each entity record you want to store;
  • Set its attributes to the values you want to store (check lesson Actions and Exception Handling);
  • Use the entity's action CreateEntity or CreateOrUpdateEntity to actually store them in the database (check again lesson Database Entities, around the 6:23 mark).

Everything I just described and linked to lessons is part of the online training which you mention having watched. I recommend you review the entire course on Developing OutSystems Web Applications again, including the exercises that include detailed instructions on how to do these things and much more. I'm sure a lot of your questions will be addressed there.

Hope this helps!

You can see this document too, about Validate the fields of a form

I hope all this information helps you.

Thank yo very much for your response Nuno, I will definitely go through the videos again. Thank you once more.