[Reactive Web Previewer] Problems Previewing File

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Published on 18 Feb by Marcelo Ferreira
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Published on 18 Feb by Marcelo Ferreira

Hi Guys,

I am using this component but i am facing some issues... Usually, at the first time the screen loads i am able to preview the file but after that, i get lucky if i am able to Preview the File!

It's a completely random behavior...

On Chrome i get errors related with SameSite Cookie (which, btw, is set to none on LifeTime). On Firefox i get no error at all. No log is generated on Service Center!

Anyone with similar issues?

Hi Pedro,

I only saw that problem once of random behavior and the problem wasn't with the previewer. We were saving pdf files with aspose and we had to change the way we save them for the problem to stop. From where those files come from? are you sure they are created correctly?

Can you replicate the problem in small module?