[OpenstreetMapPlugin] Separation of Demo and Application

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Published on 21 Mar by Toto
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Published on 21 Mar by Toto


Nice to see another implementation of a Leaflet Reactive component :).

One question though. Can you separate your demo into its own application? This would keep the production environment clean of unneeded applications and keeps the upgrade path simple. 

Kind regards,


Hi Vincent,

Thanks for the feedback, I'll separate the demo and the plugin, please wait till then.

Btw, I just know about your plugin (I use leaflet.js script because I didn't know about your plugin).

Maybe next version I'll depend this plugin to yours so if you update, mine also get the newest leaftlet js.


It's no problem that you also create a leaflet based map, choice is good! I just wondered what you had created and seeing a demo together with an implementation really grinds my gears ;). And I also love learning how other implement features :)